Thank you so much for your participation in Babes In Balance 2022! We hope all who participated were challenged, encouraged, supported and most importantly we hope you had a great time! Stay tuned for Babes In Balance 2023. Feel free to contact Ride Burns if you have specific feedback on things you'd like to see next year!

Kids Bike Camp



Registration goes live Monday April 26th, at that point the JOIN button will appear just above here.

Please read the following and when you're ready click the JOIN button above to register!

Bike camp dates and times: (Subject to weather)

Time: 4:30pm to 5:30pm

  • June 5
  • June 7
  • June 12
  • June 14
  • June 19
  • June 21

Bike Check Dates (Burnt Bikes): May 16 (3pm to 6pm)

Registration fees: $60/child (Deposit) Membership Required (Membership payment made at Bike Check)

Number of registrations: Total 40, NO WAIT LIST.


Skill Range:

Beginner Description:
• I am still getting used to my bike and I ride on pavement or wide gravel trails.
• I can ride comfortably on a two wheel pedal bike and know how to use my hand brakes.
• I am still working at my stamina for longer distances and I haven't ridden much on dirt trails.

Novice Description:
• I am comfortable on green and easy blue single track trails, I can confidently use my hand brakes and change gears.
• I can ride and carry momentum through bumpy, rooty sections of trail without putting my feet down.
• I can ride down some stairs, wide ladder bridges and skinnys on the ground.
• I am comfortable riding longer distances (8-10 km with breaks) and I don't complain when pedalling uphill.

Intermediate Description:
• I am comfortable on all blue single track trails.
• I can maintain my momentum and ride through rocky, rooty sections both up and down.
• I have good stamina both up and down trails and can pedal long distances (10-15 km with breaks).
• I can comfortably ride raised ladder bridges and small rock faces.
• I know how to do a front wheel lift

Strong Intermediate Description:
• I am a strong rider on all blues and easy blacks and I can ride all or most of the features.
• I am confident on this level of trail in the Bike Park and cross country.
• I ride at a moderate but safe speed and carry my momentum.
• I can do a rear wheel lift, bunny hops, a track stand, and small jumps and drops with correct technique.
• I am excited to ride steep roll downs, raised ladder bridges and technical trails.

It is important to note, our goal is to provide the best skills training for each participant. Occasionally that means adjusting groups, and while ages generally means similar strengths or endurance, combined with the skills assesement above as a good initial way to create groups. We will be assessing riders in each group during each session, and at times move riders into another group if we feel the specific skills needed are going to be provided by that group. Sometimes that means riders are moved into a group that may be slightly younger or older than them, and should be presented in a positive light, with a focus on skills development.