BC Bike Ride - North

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The New Frontier

Explore: Prince George, Burns Lake, Smithers, and Terrace.


In the summer, the days are long up North and our goal at BC Bike RIDE is to max out each day with as much fun as humanly possible, right until the last embers of the campfire burn out. Together, we will be a nomadic tribe of fun loving mountain bikers exploring the great Northern Corridor of Highway 16 – Prince George, Burns Lake, Smithers, and Terrace.

Geographically, Northern British Columbia is larger than California, yet there are more bears than people! The people are hearty, warm and adventurous. The bears… they are wild and they roam free. The mountain bikers you will meet are proud of their handcrafted trails and they are excited to introduce you to their stashes of prime singletrack that relatively few people have ever ridden.

7 days of intermediate to advanced XC
& all-mountain singletrack riding

  • The best access led by BCBR and local guides to each trail network
  • Guided pedal in the morning
  • Guided shuttle in the afternoon.
  • Climbing and descending (all-mountain riding)
  • Riding tips from our PMBI trained guides
  • Detailed maps and signage