What is Ride Burns?

Ride Burns is an idea, one that was timely and has become a valuable part of the Burns Lake community.

Officially we're a Not For Profit Society, registered with the Province of BC, but we're so much more than that!

Our mission statement : "Burns Lake is a world class mountain biking destination, and a vibrant mountain biking community".

Everything we do in one way or another supports that two part statement and we believe with the growth of the sport locally and regionally, and the press and visitors we receive we know the statement holds true.

Representing the extensive trail network surrounding Boer Mountain just minutes from downtown Burns Lake, as a trail advocacy organization and Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Ride Burns develops and promotes the exceptional experiences available for all parts of the mountain biking tourism sector. And with events like the Big Pig Mountain Biking Festival and Babes In Balance women's retreat we set the bookends of even more intensely focussed showcases of all we have to offer.

Ride Burns is also mountain biking club, with membership benefits and experiences that support our vibrant mountain biking community. Bike Camp is an annual event each spring where kids 5-12 years age receive professional skills coaching twice a week for 3 weeks, and it is great to see some of those first years kids now becoming coaches themselves and passing on what they've learned. We also offer other coaching opportunities for adult skills development and have occasionally in non-covid years offered ADULT Bike Camp, and we hope to return that to our schedule very soon. We also host weekly workbees and group rides which brings more fun to the trails and introduces riders to each other and to new trails. It is always a great time out on the trails, we all hope to see more and more people all the time.

As a society we have a board of directors and for the 2022 season our current list of directors are:

President - Karl Paulson

Vice President - Heidi Grant

Treasurer - Guy Epkens-Shaffer

Secretary - Pat Dube


-Patti Dube

-Afshin Farahbakhsh

-Chris Backhouse

-Dave Sandsmark

-John Burt

-Kai Epkens

-Logan Wilson

-Kim Campbell

-Laurie Wilson

-Laura Stewart

-Randy Stewart

-Sara King

-Jared Kipping


We are blessed with a huge support from volunteers and we cannot thank them enough! So thank you to the directors and all the volunteers!